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Monday, July 25, 2011

[ Contest ] Anda Bagi Gambar , Prince Bagi RM50 !!!

menarik cntest ni..nk join,klik banner..

saya join 3rd kategory which is gambar ketika friends n I went to visit China on last February.It was our holiday after University exam,so its kind of green light to enjoy the moment heavenly after exam.hee..We have visited quite number of places but the one that i like the most,the most memorable one is Xian.Why is that?just go trough our picture then u may know why=) this is actually an article wrote by my friend and I about our trip,so i put it back in words here.Enjoy guys!=)

Xi'an....the places where the magnificent Terracota Warriors and Horses were discovered by a farmer , who rite now aged 76 years old,lives happily with all the wealth by just doing nothing and signing autograf everyday...what a twist of fate isn't it?? Xian is not all about Terracota Warriors , but it have a lot more to offer...indeed,our journeys there was superbly superb!!!

We reached Xi'an via flight from Guillin...shuttle buses are provided which makes our journey a lot more easier..The City Wall stood strongly , protecting the once ancient capital of China from any danger...The tourist attractions that we have visited are :
  1. The Terracota Warriors and Horses
  2. The Bell Tower
  3. The Drum Tower
  4. The Great Mosque and Muslim Quarters
  5. The Big Wild Goose Pagoda
  6. Shuyuan ( The City Wall ) Gate
Hotel -Han Tang Inn International Youth Hostel
  • Another branch of International Youth Hostel in China.Though the location is quite 'rural' it do provide the peace for the travellers like us...there is another similar hotel,The Bell Tower International Youth Hostel that can easily seen by baked eye,but Han Tang Inn still the no 1 choice among travellers.The staffs are as friendly and helpful as the WADA , with a roof top room,as low as CNY 70 ( RM 35 ) per person per night...what else do you need?? we already in our comfort zone rite now.
Food - The is plenty of Muslim food here,prepared by the local Muslim people of the Hui ethnic that will make you drool your saliva all day long....Just make a random pick,you will always be satisfied.Dont forget to try the famous local delicacies such as
  1. Yang Ruo Pao Mo - Pita bread soaked in lamb soup
  2. Guang Taang Bao Zi - Steamed buns stuffed with hot gravy inside
  3. Suan Tang Shui Jiao - Dumplings with sour soup
  4. Chao Liang Fen - Fried bean-starch jelly
  5. Biang Biang Mian

I know it's hard to choose...

Filled with thick,sweet sauce inside....worth to try!!

Yang Ruo Pao Mo - Pita bread soaked in lamb soup

Guang Taang Bao Zi - Steamed buns stuffed with hot gravy inside

Those two I dont know what it is called..but,it simply delicious!!

It's basically a sweet gelatinous rice , being spread with any cream of your local sweet!! very nice!!

Our top favourite!! Meatball cooked with some cumin and other spices....Superb!!

Shopping - Muslim Quarters
  • You can find almost anything here..Just name it!! Pashmina , souveniers , the Terracota replica , shawls , key chains , magnets , clothes and even food...
A few pics for you guys...please enjoy..

The Famous Terracota Warriors and Horses

The Great Mosque

Xian Hui's Muslim Food Street ( day time ) at the Muslim Quarters

Xian Hui's Muslim Food Street ( night time )

Some of the magnificent views at the top of Shuyuan ( City Wall ) Gate

The Big Wild Goose Pagoda...

The Bell Tower

The Drum Tower

Our days have been great at Xi'n...gonna really miss this place!! huhu....


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